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Welcome to Taraqeem Global Technology

What We Do Web Development Smartphone Device Applications Systems IoT Graphic Design Advertising Cummonication network Protection And Monitoring Systems E-marketing Training Consulting

Welcome to Taraqeem Global Technology

Taraqeem Global is a Libyan company that designs and develops software, communications systems, networks, monitoring and protection systems, asset and tracking management system and display systems, making it an integrated entity that provides all technical and digital services. Taraqeem Global sets its sights on an ambitious vision To be part of the engine of this progress and transformation, which depends heavily on technology

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The Way We Work

Organizing the work and going through all the necessary stages is very important so that the output is of high quality, free of any future problems, especially in the implementation of projects. - Discuss ideas and make suggestions (we understand your idea and suggest to you that we get to the final form).

Our Vision

To become a globally recognized, trustworthy, and respected leader in the field of information technology and to provide inspiring services and solutions to provide a new model of professional services to become the partner and next employee.

Our Mission

We offer regional services and extraordinary IT solutions in line with our standards to make a difference in the lives of our customers, employees, shareholders, partners, and society.

Our Value

We are the ideal link between our international partners and our local clients, we are experienced in our clients' business requirements and needs, providing solutions from a business need perspective - strong programme/project management skills.

Our Services

we provide end to end solutions

Websites Development

Your virtual world headquarters provides your space on the ground, offering you state-of-the-art technology by creating and building websites with a connection feature to various other systems.

Apps Development

Your company is always in the hands of clients; Our use of phones is increasing, adding ideas in the marketing world, offering you the design and programming of mobile applications in different technical languages.


we designing any custom system on a demand-driven basis.

Protection systems

CCTV, Attendance and departure systems, Fire Fighting Alarm Systems, Vehicle Tracking Systems, Security gates and barriers, Safety and Securety .

Graphic design & Adertising

The brand of a project or enterprise is the foundation and intermediary between the client and the company to build their first relationship of trust, thus giving a symbol of their goals, vision in their colors, formatting code, and unique lines.

Asset & tracking systems

Intelligent technology includes equipment and Software Wavelength Identification, Management and Self-Release Recording System, a sophisticated system that ensures safe and more efficient electronic tracking and control of materials and has many feature.


Marketing takes many paths in the world of renewable markets on a daily basis, the more competitors the stronger the need for effective marketing.


Get all branches of your company to work together to share faster information, telecommunications , fiber-optic and networks, Data center & cloud servers, information security.

Training & Consulting

Training in various technology and communications areas, Assist institutions in data analysis, market forecasting, and consultation on decision support systems.


Our Clients

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Khaled Ben Waled St, Dahra, Tripoli, Libya
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